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Remshay Ahmed

The Promised Land

Not quite? Pakistan was created on the basis of an ideology; that of Islam. But it wasn’t solely created for Muslims but for all non-Muslims alike to practice their religion openly. However,

Remshay Ahmed

New world Order

The war of consensus US’ engagement in Afghanistan has been more direct with the Taliban yet the ghost of their might lingers on. The force motivating both of these players is significantly

Remshay Ahmed

Nationalism by numbers

Capitalism has won! Globalisation, however, has failed.     By means of this the New World Order has also brought its numerous advantages to the masses through its globalisation mantra. However, the

Remshay Ahmed

Let’s talk

US’ Afghanistan Policy: an ideological discourse   “…after the 9/11 attacks, Musharraf had to agree to be US’ constant ally in the war against terrorism, achieving the status of a front line