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“Far from facts”

This is in reply to Mumtaz Khan’s letter “Far from facts” (4 Nov) advancing a strange logic that I have never served or held any office in PIA. This is factually incorrect.

Suicides, slaughter and Sindh

The suicide rate among people, especially, educated unemployed youth, is alarmingly rising in Sindh. Reliable social welfare and research bodies reveal that hundreds of people commit suicide every year for various reasons,

Jinnah’s Pakistan

A welfare state it was to be In one general election after another, the common man has rejected religious parties and voted those into power who were supposed to turn the country

Far from facts

This is in reference to the letter of Lt Col (retd) Mukhtar Ahmed Butt dated 31 Oct0ber, 2012. The comments and observation of Mukhtar Ahmed Butt are astonishing since he has never

Twisted logic

‘About worsening law and order in Karachi, Rehman Malik said such things happened in a city of 20 million’. Can or cannot this also mean that when somebody is pickpocketed, it is

Rude behaviour

Since the last over a year, I have noticed with concern that the some of the top interviewers on various channels are becoming ruder and more arrogant when interviewing top political and

Against the court’s orders?

Last year, on 14 February, the Supreme Court of Pakistan directed the government to withdraw re-employment notification of Mr Waseem Ahmed, then Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), and other police officers

We shall prevail

“We refuse to bow before terror. We will fight, regardless of the cost. We shall prevail, Inshallah.” This was stated by Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani after visiting Malala Yousafzai in

MQM and Taliban

Being a liberal political party, Sindh’s urban based MQM’s stand against religious extremism has been very vocal from the onset; they never minced words when it comes to condemn the atrocities meted

Out of bounds?

Yes, unfortunately The Taliban have a large presence in Karachi. The port city is an important part of the militia’s operations. Not only does it serve as an R & R purpose,

The other perspective

The attack on Malala has not only saddened the entire Pakistani nation but shocked the international community as well. It is undoubtedly the most inhumane act of planned terrorism on part of