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Don’t retire, Afridi

Shahid Afridi called it a day. He did so after being replaced as One-Day cricket captain against Ireland, following a fiery clash and public criticism of coach Waqar Younis for alleged interference

Income divide

Justice, poverty, health, education, unemployment, inflation and inequality are central problems in Pakistani society. Instead of a reduction in poverty, the gap between the rich and poor has been widening fast in

Serving the public?

Sometimes it seems that our police department is only working for the protection of the elite. On the other hand, the ordinary citizen suffers from the alarming increase in crime rate. Living

An unweeded garden

These words of Shakespeare’s Hamlet mirror our politics, politicos and system of governance of today. Violence in Karachi has prompted an unending debate, not only in the city but across the country.

Pak-Saudi relations

The relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are not what they seem to be. There are underlying tensions. Since 1980 Pakistan has been giving preference to Saudi Arabia over its neighbour Iran,

Loss of cultural identity

During the recent years, Pakistan has witnessed the globalisation of education, industry and business. Parallel to it, there is an explosion of communication and information. The world has become smaller. Although there

The last hope

Imran Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Tehreeke-Insaaf, is idolised by the youth these days. We see that youngsters are becoming fanatic about Imran Khan. Majority of the youth believe that he will change

U-turn on Gwadar

It was just a few weeks ago when the Prime Minister and Defence Minister had stated that Gwadar Port had been decided to be handed over to our time-tested friends, the Chinese.


In the swirling vortex of entropy that is the black economy, one wonders how the FBR arrived at the figure of 79 per cent for tax evasion. The World Bank, too, seems

Divide and misrule

JUI(F) leader Abdul Ghafoor Haideri no doubt represents the largest single opposition party in the Senate enjoying the support of 10 senators. What remains questionable is whether he represents the majority of

Cost overruns

Cost is among the major considerations throughout the project management lifecycle. Despite its proven importance it is not uncommon to see a construction project failing to achieve its objectives within the specified

Budget relief

The federal budget for fiscal year 2011-2012 is as ridiculous as the budgets which have been presented by different democratic and dictatorship regimes. It has not surprised me that only 1.4% has

Time management issues

Time management is the art of arranging, organising, scheduling, and budgeting one’s time for the purpose of generating more effective work and productivity. A good manager always does the important things first

Sindh PCS officers

I would like to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the long pending issue of offer letters to the PCS officers of Sindh. The Combined Competitive Exam was announced back in