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Omer Javed

Reforming media

One of the key safeguards of democracy The scope of reform for media can be pretty much summed up with these two quotes: ‘There are laws to protect the freedom of the

Omer Javed

Transforming Karachi

To solve its problems, the neoliberal approach must be abandoned The recently launched plan for Karachi, which focuses on restoring essential services to the city, after a heavy downpour left the city

Omer Javed

Designing better public spaces

Improving liveability and economic activity Pakistan has gone through a strong phenomenon of rural-urban migration over the years. Having said that, the public spaces of its hundred-plus cities have not seen much

Omer Javed

Global economic prospects and Pakistan

Te World Bank’s gloomy picture The World Bank Group recently launched its flagship report, Global Economic Prospects [GEP] 2020: Slow Growth, Policy Challenges in which expected global economic performance in the current