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Not the IMF way

We need a package of creative economic policies In my doctoral research, which culminated in receiving both distinction and as a Springer published monograph in their ‘Contributions to Economics’ series, I thoroughly

Omer Javed

Use of PM House

Elite research institution? In his first address outside the Parliament, the PM gave a brilliant speech, touching upon various important issues, and indicating policy direction. One point he raised was with regard

Omer Javed

PTI’s economic vision – I

Dissecting the Manifesto Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI; translated Pakistan Movement for Justice) outlined its economic vision mainly through its Manifesto 2018, with details further highlighted in the recent interviews of the forthcoming Finance

Omer Javed

Plutocracy and poverty in Pakistan

Political and economic elites have evolved an institutional incentive system Mental constructs matter. Path dependencies solidify such thinking patterns. Some kind of belief system exists in every society. People have drawn from