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Designing better public spaces

Improving liveability and economic activity Pakistan has gone through a strong phenomenon of rural-urban migration over the years. Having said that, the public spaces of its hundred-plus cities have not seen much

Omer Javed

Global economic prospects and Pakistan

Te World Bank’s gloomy picture The World Bank Group recently launched its flagship report, Global Economic Prospects [GEP] 2020: Slow Growth, Policy Challenges in which expected global economic performance in the current

Omer Javed

Climate change and economy

Pakistan is among the countries likely to experience the most impact, but is not doing the needed research There is indeed significant consensus among the international community, among scientists, social scientists, and

Omer Javed

The SBP reports

The report showed some disturbing trends The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) recently released its annual report ‘The State of Pakistan’s Economy 2018-19’ in which it primarily assessed the growth and macroeconomic

Omer Javed

Learning from Finland – I

School education and economy At the time of the fall of the USSR, Finland was struggling with its deep economic growth issues, but in a few years’ time it was able to