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Ketaksha – The Katas Raj

Another ignored relic I am proud to be a Pakistani as Pakistan is one of the richest countries in terms of heritage, nature and culture. Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa, Lahore, Multan, Jhelum, Chakwal, Ali

The lost Baoli

Another ignored treasure I just stepped into a narrow doorway by chance while walking through the Rang Mahal and Kasera Bazaar, but never knew where I would end up. Amidst that jam-packed

Janam Asthan of Guru Ram Das

Why not a tourist spot?     In the narrow streets of the walled city, you will come across giant monuments and hidden treasures of architecture. If we start exploring a route,

Buddhu Ka Awa – Forlorn heritage

Buddhu ka Awa (tomb of Buddhu) is a reflection of how the Government is concerned about preserving historical landmarks. The new construction of the Orange Line is another indication that how important Protected

Saleh Kamboh Mosque

Pleading for restoration and preservation   Ever heard about the Mosque of Saleh Kamboh? Hidden behind many publicity banners, posters and hideous hanging wires, you will come across the 450-year old Mosque

Temple of Jhingar Shah Suthra

About time somebody protected our heritage Small structures usually go unobserved, though they, too, hold some historic magnitude. Same is the case with one of the Hindu sites located adjacent to the

Temple of the tooth

Lessons for back home   Though I was awake since the previous night because of my travelling, still the enchanting beauty, heritage, roadside life and landscape kept me fresh while driving to

Pinnawala elephants talk

Why not in Pakistan? The thirst for heritage and cultures around the world drove me to Sri Lanka this time. Categorised as one of the wonders of Asia, I was really stunned

The missing Bangla Ayub Shah

Heritage turning into a warehouse Enter the Kashmiri Gate, one of the thirteen gates of the Walled City, and take a turn to the Kashmiri Gahtti. You will find yourself on the