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Muhammad Ali Baig

Hindutva: The advent

Why Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi? Perhaps it may sound a bit radical but ostensibly Jawaharlal Nehru was behind the assassination of Gandhi and surreptitiously motivated Godse to kill Gandhi On 30

Muhammad Ali Baig

The 20 July plot

And clouded judgments of leaders Hitler developed some sort of private armies long before his Chancellorship. He gained support of Captain Ernst Rohm’s Brown-Shirts (Storm Troopers) and also formed his own Protection

Muhammad Ali Baig

Our War of Independence

And the way ahead The relations with Afghanistan will continue to deteriorate as long as Indian presence is there. To counter-balance this problem it would be in Pakistan’s interest to increase bilateral

Muhammad Ali Baig

Kerry’s Plan-B

A New version of the Korean War The American foreign policy principle again came in to play in Syria when the wave of Arab Spring entered Syria. Peaceful protests were carried out