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Mubasher Lucman

The menace growing

While we live in a fool’s paradise, the country inches towards the gates of hell Dr Shahid Masood, a prominent television anchor, told me a very scary story. He was driving in

Mubasher Lucman

I am still around

The other side of the story Yesterday, I gave the news. Today, I am the news. What a transition. Interestingly, a couple of months back I had written a column about unethical

Let the Kaptan’s show begin!

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s charisma is going to be put to test today (Sunday) as hundreds of thousands are expected to turn up for the PTI show of street power

Mubasher Lucman

A Panadol, please

I remember when I first did a show on television about fake degrees some people told me I was trying to create a big deal out of nonentity. A few months later it transpired that dozens of parliamentarians were the proud holders of forged degrees and those were not even worth the paper they were printed on. Last week when I brought the scoop of bogus votes, everyone was stunned. Luckily, the NADRA without delay owned up my story and firmly endorsed it though some officials there kept

Mubasher Lucman

Send Raymond back home

When Raymond Davis killed two young boys, all hell broke loose. I was the first one who got hold of a video inside the police station being made by none other but Raymond himself and I showed it on television in my show. Later this was shown on other channels and quoted worldwide by many leading publications. A lot has been said about Raymond, his back ground, the CIA operatives in Pakistan and possible subversive activities by them. What has not been touched upon is the fact that not

Mubasher Lucman

Women of substance

She is young. She is drop dead gorgeous. She is the single and extremely dedicated mother of a beautiful young boy, a dutiful daughter and an affectionate sibling. She is the only pop diva of the country and yet she finds time for those who are less fortunate in life. She is Hadiq Kiyani. A roving ambassador for the United Nations; a philanthropist who is not busy getting donations to build a hospital, but instead is passionate about making homes for those less fortunate in life,

Mubasher Lucman

Plunging headlong

Qadri the man who brutally killed the Punjab Governor, Salmaan Taseer in his own possessed demeanor had interpreted the law to kill the man he was supposed to protect. Some others garlanded him when he was produced later at a court for remand. A handful of lawyers were jumping over each other to help him fight the case free of charge. There have been reports of many people congratulating Qadri and calling him a hero in as many words. His home is full of sweets and gifts from neighbors

Mubasher Lucman

Help needed

Asia Begum is a widow with seven children, five of whom are young girls and are both physically and mentally challenged. They range from age groups between 7 years to mid teens. The two older ones, who are normal, have not been able to complete their formal education and are reduced to taking care of the younger siblings along with their mother. The children must be washed, bathed, fed and cleaned every day. It also means they have to be carried on a back to a toilet each day. The two