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The elephant in the room

Can there be political discussion without considering all factors? The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) rally at Gujranwala was remarkable, but not explosive. It would have been explosive had it been ruthlessly suppressed,

Personifying democracy

AT PENPOINT Reviving memories of the Sun-King When he said “I am democracy”, Imran Khan sounded like an eerie echo of Louis XIV’s reputed saying, ‘L’état, c’est moi’ (the state, it is

M A Niazi

Danger from the Proud Boys

Could this election disintegrate US democracy? AT PENPOINT The performance of President Donald Trump in the first debate against Democrat rival Joe Biden was typical, and his crassness, rudeness and bullying sprang

CITY NOTES: Eye checks for Covid

I suppose it was only a matter of time before United States President Donald Trump developed Covid-19. But it seems that this time, the person who brought the infection into the president’s

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Staying on the same page

Midnight meetings make a mess AT PENPOINT Is the military involved in politics? That the question can be asked at all in Pakistan indicates that it can be asked, indicates that it

M A Niazi

Unsafe at any speed

The Gujjarpura incident exposes the police, indeed the whole judicial system AT PENPOINT There has been a strong reaction to the horrific gangrape robbery off the Motorway’s Sialkot bypass, but it was

CITY NOTES: How to improve law and order

Was the IGP Punjab changed to ensure obedience, or to improve the law-and-order situation? If the latter, it was not particularly effective, for there was the gang-rape on the motorway, which the

M A Niazi

The roots of Sikhashahi

Are there lessons for the present in the past? AT PENPOINT Indeed, it is the period after Ranjeet Singh’s death, and the multiple struggles to succeed him, that the term Sikhashahi owes

M A Niazi

Flogging a dead horse

Does anyone have a problem with the parliamentary system? AT PENPOINT By arguing that the 1962 Constitution enabled the selection of the best talent, Prime Minister Imran Khan merely reinforced the impression