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Waiting it out

The coronavirus is changing the world AT PENPOINT There appears to be more debate on whether the country should go into lockdown since Prime Minister Imran Khan ruled it out, than there

CITY NOTES: Stayin’ alive

The coronavirus is spreading all over the world, and the epicentre is now no longer China, but Europe. Especially Italy, where the number of cases is skyrocketing, and there are new records

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Tough weeks ahead

The coronavirus tightens its grip Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the coronavirus epidemic is that it is named after its cause, rather than its symptoms. The bubonic plague was so named

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Between two elections

Pakistan will suffer if the USA pulls out without a political settlement  AT PENPOINT The USA-Taliban peace agreement was heralded as the agreement that would lead to the end of the USA’s

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The world catches cold

A price to be paid for aggressive globalisation AT PENPOINT The saying ‘If China sneezes, the world catches cold’ is attributed to Metternich, the 19th century Austrian statesman. He was speaking in

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Friends not masters

A visit at a critical time AT PENPOINT The visit of Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan to Pakistan was by no means his first. His address to the joint sitting of Parliament

CITY NOTES: A quiet Valentine’s Day

There is surely some way better of spending Valentine’s Day than listening to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan address Parliament, but Prime Minister Imran Khan bit the bullet. Rumours that he thought

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Plan without a future

There are electoral motives for both Trump and Netanyahu AT PENPOINT As President Donald Trump unveiled his much touted Middle East peace plan, the first two things observers were that not only

M A Niazi

Opaque transparency

Why the Transparency International report hurt the PTI so much AT PENPOINT The Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s anger at Transparency International for reporting that Pakistan has gone down three places on its