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Two elephants are fighting

Pakistan is not in a good place AT PENPOINT The recent clash between India and China in Ladakh highlighted that these two Asian giants are growing increasingly abrasive even in the midst

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Expert opinions

Choosing between lives and livelihoods AT PENPOINT One of the unforeseen consequences of the covid-19 pandemic may well have been the breaking of the link between experts and political leaders which has

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Not quite a corona budget

Did the pandemic change anything? AT PENPOINT It was one of the paradoxes of the 2020-2021 Budget that the man responsible for it, PM’s Finance Adviser Dr Hafeez Sheikh, did not seem

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Brave New World

From the workplace to leisure, everything will change That the world will be different after the covid-19 pandemic is now something of a truism, though Prime Minister Imran Khan was not being

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Divisions over money

NFC Awards are meant to make provincial finances sustainable The constitution of the 10th National Finance Commission was inevitable, after the 9th Commission, like the 8th, failed to make an Award. The

CITY NOTES: The new caste system

One of the most poignant moments in the coronavirus crisis came when Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry refused to attend the National Assembly (NA) session after two lawmakers tested positive for

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Playing with fire

Easing the lockdown may be premature AT PENPOINT Pakistan has opted to ease its lockdown, even though it has not yet hit peak of the pandemic, nor has it got in place