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Left hanging

Kurds are the latest victim of typical US abandonment AT PENPOINT The humanitarian tragedy of what amounts to the Turkish invasion of Syria may be more prominent, but the way the USA

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Marching to a different drummer

At Penpoint Is there more to the March than meets the eye? The Million March planned by the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Fazlur Rehman) on Islamabad may seem a bad imitation of the Pakistan

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The cost of internationalising

At Penpoint Where has internationalisation led anywhere? Prime Minister Imran Khan will address the United Nations General Assembly today. It is a foregone conclusion that his speech will contain a passionate plea

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Palestine and Kashmir together again

Netanyahu’s Jordan Valley pledge echoes Modi’s on Kashmir AT PENPOINT The consequences of the past are now unfolding, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, engaged like Indian counterpart Narendra Modi in an

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Methods of legislation

At Penpoint The GIDC mess here, and the UK’s dissolution woes, don’t show the parliamentary system at its best The problems of parliamentary democracy were to be seen both in Pakistan’s problem

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The lockdown goes on….

Why blame the Arabs? AT PENPOINT As the world watches, something incredible is happening in Indian Held Kashmir; the lockdown clamped on the Valley, with curfew imposed while occupation forces have been

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The Kashmir conundrum

Nuclear war offers neither side much advantage  AT PENPOINT One of the apparently most disturbing aspects of the current Kashmir crisis was that it could cause an Indo-Pak war, and that such

Down and out in Nairobi

CITY NOTES I suspect that not enough people have noticed that a year has passed since the greatest event in the history of the world happened: the PTI was elected to office.

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Staying on the same page

An awkward regional situation or a comfort zone for the government AT PENPOINT General Bajwa’s extension is not a surprise, though the duration might be, because there was the idea floated that