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CITY NOTES: Defeating evil

It’s nice to see Right triumph, and Evil defeated. It’s not a guilty verdict in any case, but the victory of Sadiq Sanjrani. It was victory enough for him to be elected

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Pressing for change

The first step in crushing dissent is to tame the press First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist Then they came

CITY NOTES: Coming to America

Perhaps the most important thing Imran Khan found out about Donald Trump was that he doesn’t bite. Apparently, Trump was deeply impressed. At last a world leader who could talk at his

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The meeting without a deal

AT PENPOINT The meeting saw an advance made on Afghanistan The most anticipated meeting in Washington for Pakistanis has taken place between US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Imran Khan, and

City Notes: No recovery made

Shahid Khaqan Abbassi should thank his lucky stars that NAB arrested him, and not the ANF. At worst, they could have recovered case documents from him, as opposed to the several kilos

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The can of worms

At Penpoint Drugs are in the equation now The arrest of PML-N MNA and former Punjab minister Rana Sanaullah on a heroin possession charge indicates a new departure for the PTI government,

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Problems with the economy

The government has not solved the problems the people AT PENPOINT The problems with the economy are not showing signs of going away, despite the optimistic pronouncements of government officials, and the

CITY NOTES: Beating the heat

The Chief of Army Staff should not be asked to firefight. First, he had to break the Pakistan cricket team out of its losing streak. After the loss to India, there he

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One dies, one lives

Nawaz and Morsi have much in common while being very different AT PENPOINT The death of Mohamed Morsi in dramatic fashion, after having a heart attack in open court, moved Maryam Nawaz

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Lions under the throne?

At Penpoint How recent and past events shaped the debate around role of judges The Supreme Judicial Council has held a preliminary hearing in the references against Justice Qazi Faez Isa of