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Setting up the chessboard

At Penpoint Greece provides an example of Pakistan’s future Inexorably, Pakistan comes closer and closer to its tryst with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and its decision on whether Pakistan has

M A Niazi

Making local bodies useful

At Penpoint The PTI must avoid the temptation to rely too much on local bodies That the PTI would dissolve the local councils in Punjab and hold fresh elections was perhaps inevitable,

CITY NOTES: Connecting the dots

–PTI is not very interested. Nawaz isn’t involved, so who cares? I’m surprised no one has drawn the links between the attacks on Data Sahib and those in Colombo. No one has

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Trying to stay the course

At Penpoint The PML-N still has no replacement The PML-N is facing a downward trajectory, but there is still no sign that an alternative rightist force is being developed, or is developing,

M A Niazi

Playing with emotions?

At Penpoint How does Imran measure up to a standard he himself set The need for Prime Minister Imran Khan to repeat the Riasat-e-Madina trope, as he did in his PTI foundation

M A Niazi

Newbies out, oldies in!

AT PENPOINT With top picks coming from outside parliament It was perhaps inevitable that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s first Cabinet reshuffle should have been transformed into a debate on the merits of

M A Niazi

Making the mare go

At Penpoint Asad Umar’s resignation may not be enough The PTI government is expected to achieve what party chief Imran Khan had pledged never to do before the election last year, and

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Prosecution or persecution?

At Penpoint The raid on Hamza Shehbaz was politically necessary It would be cold comfort to Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader Hamza Shehbaz to learn that the raid by NAB to arrest him

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An offer he can’t refuse

Consultations are compulsory under the constitution AT PENPOINT Prime Minister Imran Khan should realise that by having opted to work within the present system, he committed himself to obeying the Constitution, which

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Lessons from the past

AT PENPOINT Though the latest Indo-Pak war scare is not over, with forces still at the border in an eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation, it has apparently passed its peak, and the intervention of the