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Luavut Zahid

Our discomfort with s*x

Why can Pakistanis not be ‘happy in bed’? Earlier this month Mathira’s most recent venture hit the social media circuit to mixed reviews. Her appearance in Josh condom ads felt liberating to

Luavut Zahid

Conspiracy Theories 101

Adnan Rasheed’s letter was a real disappointment Who in Pakistan doesn’t love a good conspiracy? We all have our own fables, tales and stories to tell. And Pakistan, it seems, is at

Luavut Zahid

Pakistan: the land of irony

All Pakistanis are equal, but some Pakistanis are more equal than others, especially if they’re Muslims Literary folk would have a field day explaining the stuff that a good irony is made

Luavut Zahid

Unspeakable truth

Let’s stop saying “shhh, gandi baat” From the precise moment that we come into this world we start learning things. Each day in our life is filled with learning milestones, we learn

Luavut Zahid

It’s a Zionist conspiracy

And how the men of our land of the pure are men of honour This morning greeted me with another disgusting example of a Zionist conspiracy – never before has an enemy