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Rape: The ultimate solution

Rape is quite literally the only crime that is extremely heinous yet totally un-convictable in Pakistan News about men doing some silly thing or the other keeps making rounds regularly. We can’t

Luavut Zahid

TTP peace talks: Tips for success

A lot of hoopla has been going on these days about talks with the Taliban. We have our right-winged PML-N run by the Sharif brothers that’s been vying to talk to more than just the Taliban’s proverbial hand. And then there’s the other right-winged PTI run by Khan and his hooligans looking for more or less the same end result.

Luavut Zahid

Hottest fatwas for 2014

From Mars space missions to earth-quake causing mascaras, there is a fatwa to fit any eventuality 2014 is slated to be the year for fatwas. Libertarian activists ruled the roost in 2013,

Luavut Zahid

The B word

Let’s talk about breasts Pinktober has arrived. This is the time when we’re reminded constantly about the ‘B’ word. It’s a word we mostly fail to look in the eye; we sweep

Luavut Zahid

Back to its bad old content

The KPK curriculum During 2006 prejudicial texts were replaced out of the official KPK curriculum by the ANP government in favour of content more tolerant and peaceful. That curriculum is now being