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Abida’s unique standpoint

An insider perpetually branded an outsider     Power Failure is Syeda Abida Hussain’s version of Pakistan’s political history. Her words weave and intricate balance between her own story and that of

Peeno Jaja and Christmas

A stage drama, some symbolism, and a voice for minorities     Pakistan’s track record when dealing with minorities has been a matter of grave concern. Navaa’n Tamaasha tackled some hard hitting

Dark days ahead?

Should Lahore be bracing itself for a Faisalabad style disaster?     As PTI’s strike unfolds in Karachi the rest of the country is watching to see what happens next. Of course,

A Band of Brothers

What does a TTP and ISIS collaboration mean for the world?   The Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP) has recently announced its unwavering love and support for ISIS. Both groups of militants have developed a

Laying ruin to both

It’s time for Pakistan and India to ditch their regressive politics Pakistan and India have tussled for as long as they have existed. Despite sharing history, culture, and a whole lot more,

The missing roots

Political parties in Pakistan routinely fail to represent the people at the grass-root level   Pakistan’s missing grass-root level political activism could verily be the reason that any form of revolution that’s

A rare talent

INTERVIEW: Kanza Javed An upcoming author to watch out for   Kanza Javed was a name not known to many till she shot into the spotlight after having an unpublished novel nominated

Jumping to centre-left

Pakistan’s war doesn’t end with Zarb-e-Azb For the last three decades or so Pakistan’s narrative has lived under strict watch of the centre-right. Extremism and violence come in all shapes and sizes