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Ruling from behind

Did the army step up because of civilian failures?   If Pakistan’s history had anything to say about it, it would tell everyone that the current army is quite possibly the smartest

Does local government matter?

The base of the pyramid   The 2001 Local Government Ordinance called for the devolution of the government down to the district levels. This meant that districts, which are essentially sub-divisions formed

Sins not committed

A good plan and a bad executor does not a stable country make   Once upon a time Aristotle measured the value of learning and said that the roots of education are

Akash Bashir — a forgotten hero

Akash’s sacrifice is very similar to that of Aitzaz Hasan, another youngster who died tackling a suicide bomber in Hangu. In the face of grave danger neither of the two cared for what happened to them, they only saw the people they had to protect. Both the boys demonstrated remarkable courage, but one is decorated because his faith doesn’t upset the masses, and the other is forgotten because of the actions of a few

Youhanabad Incident

Leadership’s trickledown failure   Two churches, 17 dead and 80 injured. And that was only the beginning. The Youhanabad incident began with an acute failure of leadership, and it worsened for the