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A year after APS attack, Pakistan still at crossroads

“We are not tackling the mindset that is creating sleeper cells and turning them towards this path. Students and professionals that are falling prey to this mindset… were we able to conquer their mindset? That is the question. When people like Maulana Abdul Aziz can sit in the heart of Islamabad and challenge the writ of the government very openly, and extend support to a terrorist organisation… what progress have we made?”

Badaber and déjà vu

Why does Pakistan’s history of terror attacks keep repeating itself?     The September 18 attack on Badaber seemed like déjà vu from start to finish. Once again the country saw an

After the attack

What does the public think? On September 18, militants stormed a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) base near Peshawar. In the ensuring attack over 42 people, including 14 militants, were killed. The attack

Holding the army accountable

Is the civilian government competent enough for the task?     Pakistan’s political fabric is tarnished by repeated instances and accusations of corruption. The ideals of transparency and accountability are touted time