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Rupee dive

Backstroke Pakistan’s external debt is hovering around the dreaded $100 billion mark, currently at $93 billion, which is almost a third of the national GDP. Meanwhile, the State Bank’s reserves have fallen

Pulling the Strings… again

The Twitter account of Strings the Band had been running on throwbacks until recently a very unexpected development took place. On the morning of March the second, the group dropped a hashtag

Exploring new genres  

The latest film wave in Pakistan is off to a disastrous start in the horror genre   ‘In their quest to muster all the formulaic ingredients for a typical horror film (of

Sufi music as counter-terrorism

After the three-day long 16th Mystic Music Sufi Festival ended at Alhamra Cultural Complex last Sunday Mian Yousuf Salahuddin said such events need to be organised more frequently in the country so

Saudi enslavement of Pakistan

Old habits Pakistan succumbing to Saudi Arabia’s pressure to send in more troops to the kingdom comes as Riyadh continues its onslaught against Yemen’s Houthi rebels. Not only does this contradict the