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The Invisible Hand: Myth or Reality?

Is the government The Big Boss here? Pakistan remains an immature democracy struggling to retain its distinction from home grown monarchs and dictators. Corruption and incompetence of the politicians’ jeopardises the political

War: The Wrong Turn

A wake-up call from World Bank It is alarming to witness how war, the wrong turn, is glorified in our two countries, despite facing off with such grave problems. Pakistan and India

Democracy: The tumbling stone

All winds moving in opposing directions   …the government has been busy in dealing with, on one hand, the power crisis (political), and the power crisis (energy) on the other. Since taking

Kashmir: A heaven in search of peace

The bloodied legacy of partition continues  Interestingly enough, Indian media labeled Wani as a militant commander, and an insurgent. Indian masses applauded their “brave” forces on twitter for getting rid of him,

And the war goes on

16 years later, the war on terror still marches on “The successful hunt of Taliban leadership might have slowed down the activities of the group, but has hardly had any influence on