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The de-globalisation drive

What is the world coming to? Analysts and political scientists have sometimes talked about cycles of history. Even without delving deep into political theory and its constructs, a discerning mind can totally

The rampant robocops!

Are we moving towards legalised lawlessness? Hazrat Ali (RA) stated; a society can survive with infidelity (Kufr), but not justice. In the very light of the aforementioned touchstone for a society’s survival,

The rising Bhutto

Will the new wine fit in the old bottle? Whereas on one side, with the demise of Benazir Bhutto, the future of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) became subject to a potential leadership

The mysterious Saudi visit

Secrecy surrounding the issue makes it even more controversial The brotherly Muslim country, amid the ongoing political crisis in Pakistan, has once again stepped in, apparently on request of the Sharif’s, and

US finally doing more

Hence the drone strikes! With an unannounced break longing a period of approximately nine (9) months, the nightmare of US drone strikes inside the Pakistani territory, that haunted the host authorities, has

The resilient reign of terror

Let’s face the fact; we might have succeeded in dismantling the terrorist infrastructure, and hideouts from our land as a result of large scale military operations across the board, not eliminating though

Confrontational Politics

Nawaz & the Collision Course   John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, an English politician, historian, and writer, once said that Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The aforementioned statement proves to

Confrontational politics

Nawaz and the collision course   Perhaps it is high time for our political parties, and their leaderships to understand and accept the rules of the game in order to take Pakistan

The War of Words

India & Pakistan find a neutral battle field The 72nd United Nations General Assembly session where hosted World leaders to express their view points before the International community also remained a witness to