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Faraz Talat

A House Divided

The Inside Politics of Desi liberals A few days ago, Pakistan’s online liberal community detonated into a mushroom cloud potentially visible from the international space station, with a spark originating from the bloc’s

Faraz Talat

What About Lahore?

Recognition of humanity   There’s long been an unsaid agreement that a death toll in the East is simply a number that tickertapes across the bottom of the news screen. It is

Faraz Talat

Capital punishment

A long, failed experiment     Thou shall not kill… and now, a list of exceptions that rolls out like credits at the end of a major film. The state plays, or

Faraz Talat

The politics of sexism

A politician needs not fear a dupatta sliding off his head during a public speech   With Bernie Sanders gaining momentum in Democratic primaries, the foremost concern aired by Hilary Clinton supporters

Faraz Talat

Sin, crime, and porn

The right to make personal decisions   No one wants to advocate pornography or internet sites peddling it, and that includes me, for so many reasons. However, when the establishment loses sight