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Faraz Talat

Don’t Panic

Trump as the President elect – who would have thought it? It’s difficult to resist despondency, but the orange cloud may yet have a silver lining. It hasn’t been very long since

Faraz Talat

The clerics may not approve

Some things do need to be said I’ve long lamented the propensity of Pakistan’s progressive citizenry to be tempted by the same game, whose rules are fundamentally opposed to their interests. Recently,

Faraz Talat

Not a laughing matter

Labels used without understanding harm real sufferers more than we realise The inclusion of ‘depression’ – a medical term – into the everyday vocabulary of ordinary, healthy people, has enormously padded the

Faraz Talat

The ruler is never one of us

“Just smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.” It seems that the politicians who are ‘just like us’ struggle an awful lot trying to get photographed while behaving like ‘regular’ citizens. In

Faraz Talat

The Racism of Higher Expectations

Everybody needs room to make mistakes and evolve socially. The counter-movement against political correctness frequently makes use of the term, ‘bigotry of reduced expectations’. Also known as ‘benevolent bigotry’, the term implies

Faraz Talat

Who’s helping the NGO women?

Some modicum of justice please! Over the past few weeks alone, I have collected numerous reports of wanton abuse, unchallenged aggression, and hair-raising incidents of repeated sexual harassment and violence. Based on