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Faraz Talat

Patriotism versus Women

There are more than a few reasons Sahir Lodhi’s recent dramatic performance is so acutely mortifying. The primary reason, of course, is how absolutely irrelevant his Sunny Deol styled monologue was. It

Faraz Talat

We sue, because we care

The “suing culture” is a misnomer deriding efforts for corporate accountability In 1994 a 79-year old woman won a historic $2.86 million lawsuit against McDonalds after being burned by hot coffee. What

Faraz Talat

How to hijack a rights movement

Understanding the purpose of an ally The American right-wing’s voracious opposition to the feminist movement is no secret. MRAs (Male Rights Activists) claim that the rising popularity of feminism in the last

Faraz Talat

Don’t state the obvious

Missing people, patriots and the protection of social media On 4th January 2016, Pakistan ceased to be an azad (‘free’) country to the spouse of Ahmed Waqas Goraya. Ahmed was reportedly one of

Faraz Talat

Blasphemy or Treason?

Who decides? Notable theologians agree that the further we retreat into history, the more the lines between religion and secular matters begin to blur. The modern Muslim world often struggles to differentiate