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Faraz Talat

The public places name Bill

A rose is now “illegal” by any other name   If you refer to Benazir Bhutto International Airport as ‘Islamabad Airport’, you may be charged for felony under a newly introduced bill.

Faraz Talat

Physician, heal thyself

Self-exploration as ‘Journalism’   “We, as journalists, are living our own stories in our own unique ways, and some of them may well be worth reporting.”   One may always suspect narcissism

Faraz Talat

The rich man’s Ramzan

… But some rozaadaar are more equal than others   “By all means, implement this ordinance. But dare to implement it uniformly.”   There is something I must confess. This column is

Faraz Talat

Patriotism versus Women

There are more than a few reasons Sahir Lodhi’s recent dramatic performance is so acutely mortifying. The primary reason, of course, is how absolutely irrelevant his Sunny Deol styled monologue was. It

Faraz Talat

We sue, because we care

The “suing culture” is a misnomer deriding efforts for corporate accountability In 1994 a 79-year old woman won a historic $2.86 million lawsuit against McDonalds after being burned by hot coffee. What