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Faraz Talat

PTI versus democracy

To disrespect democracy is to disrespect people There are two things Imran Khan claims to know well: cricket and democracy. Regrettably, the latter has never been demonstrated in action. The PTI leader

Faraz Talat

The act of liberalism

Not just philosophies, but political actions also So you’re a liberal. I suppose that means you care about women’s rights and believe in equal opportunities for them. It could mean that you

Faraz Talat

Understanding burqa

Veiled Muslim women don’t need the charity of your enlightened moderation Understanding Power’ is among my favourite works by perhaps the most well-known linguist in the world, Professor Noam Chomsky. Published many

Faraz Talat

Silence before the storm

It’s RAW, of course It’s been theorised that RAW or other foreign agencies are behind the enforced disappearances of Pakistani leftist activists and those suspected of abetting terrorist operations. Funnily enough, a