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Faraz Talat

How ‘British’ are you?

And who decides? It’s unsurprising that the loudest calls for stripping the notorious ‘ISIS bride’ of her British citizenship are coming from brown British people. White people’s innocence remains largely unquestioned in

Faraz Talat

Desi and civilised

Thank you Gora Sahib! One remembers with justifiable bitterness a time before Europe’s wholesale annexation of ‘civility’. The ‘adaab’ of the multicultural East were no less complex or refined than a French

Faraz Talat

A tribute to a civilian

You are important too  Thank you, dear civilian, for your service. I feel that this isn’t said enough. And consequently, despite our constant financial and sociopolitical struggles that keep the country afloat,

Faraz Talat

How marriage enables inequality

It’s not clear when marriage was invented It’s imperative to acknowledge that a marriage is not a natural relationship among consenting adults. It’s an institution invented to determine the legitimacy of a

Faraz Talat

In praise of ‘sensitive’ men

Steaks are ‘masculine’ and salads are ‘feminine’ Masculinity cannot be gauged by one’s insensitivity to suffering. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is no stranger to controversy. It’s an international

Faraz Talat

After Faiz

We are not used to being heard We never know how much we don’t know. The highest and the most ominous form of censorship is not only about censoring content, but hiding