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Beating the blind

Despicable This is the second time Punjab police has roughed up and baton charged blind protestors. And for those who thought some lessons were learnt when police beat up blind protestors as

Zardari’s gambit

PTI will be isolated if it continued its path of agitative politics Asif Ali Zardari has returned to the centre stage of politics almost two years after his party suffered a debacle

Indian FS arrives, finally

What not to expect The run-up to the foreign secretary meeting has become interesting, at least. There was understandable concern, especially in the Pakistani media, whether the visit carried any intrinsic value

No to 22nd Amendment

Senate elections and PML-N’s mess With the PPP and JUI-F declining to support the proposed 22nd Amendment, the chapter on Senate elections by show of hand is closed for the time being.

India’s budget

Jaitley’s ‘quantum jump’ In a nut shell, India’s budget Saturday – rightly hailed as progressive inside the country and abroad – was mostly about removing barriers to investment in one of the

Our soft side

Or the need for one   It is with good reason that Pakistan has become known as a ‘hard country’. It is not just that the fifty-thousand-plus dead and the existential war

Crimes against women

There seems to be no check on them The treatment meted out to women in South Asia is horrendous, particularly so in Pakistan. In areas still under the influence of tribal traditions,

Pak-India equation

Some caution, perhaps? There is little doubt, at least in the international press, that American pressure got Modi to restart foreign secretary talks. But the Indians have been expectedly cautious, lumping these

The Senate elections

And the complications involved therein Realpolitik, more than anything else, will determine various parties’ stand in the ongoing debate over the mode of Senate elections. The PTI and PML-N think that they

Now the education department

New standards for incompetence One day the chief minister takes credit for Punjab being ahead of other provinces in terms of performance and the next the education department makes headlines for unparalleled

Bull in a china shop

Musharraf and his meddling in affairs beyond his approach   A sensitive approach towards Afghanistan has led to the melting of the ice between Islamabad and Kabul. The neighbouring countries are cooperating

Resuming dialogue

India has dragged its feet long enough   The Foreign Secretary of India is finally visiting Islamabad on March 3. The sudden decision by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resume the parleys

‘Legacy of losses’

PIA’s sad story Aviation Division Secretary Mohammad Ali Gardezi’s revelation before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), that PIA management has finalised “a new business plan for revival”, did not impress too many

Ch Nisar’s credibility

Some clarification, please So much for the interior minister’s credibility. The case of Maulana Aziz’s mysterious letter of apology seems another one of those unforced errors that leave him in an awkward