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Helicopter crash

Far reaching implications? The helicopter crash in Gilgit, which took the lives of Norwegian and Philippines ambassadors, the wives of Malaysian and Indonesian ambassadors, along with two pilots and a crew member,

New Punjab Governor

The ‘right’ man The prime minister’s ultimate choice for the new Punjab governor must have disappointed a few prominent loyalists lining up for the coveted position, but the matter was handled in

‘The hidden hand of RAW’

Proof before allegations   Indian backing of insurgency in Balochistan last found a mention in the joint statement of Yousaf Raza Gillani and Manmohan Singh issued after their meeting at Sharm al-Sheikh

The NA-125 controversy

More to come?   The political situation was charged enough without the NA-125 controversy, but the election tribunal’s findings have once again raised the stakes. PML-N took its time deciding to approach

Senate wants more

And rightly so   There is a widespread perception that the government lost steam within a month of the decision to implement the National Action Plan. After initially conceding that 10 per

Solar power breakthrough

Whatever it takes   Politics is more about policies than personalities, even though it is not always so in Pakistan. In principal, therefore, even the prime minister’s most bitter foes must accept

Accept the verdict with grace

PML-N has to rise above its current performance   Withholding an Election Tribunal’s verdict the SC disqualified PTI MNA Ijaz Chaudhary last month. On Monday, another Election Tribunal ordered re-election in the

Our busy finance minister

Too busy for reforms? The finance minister is too busy, apparently, to follow up on the committee that was supposed to recommend improvements in ‘ease of doing business’ in the country. The

Poor governance

Nothing changes Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah was surprisingly quick to react to the bad news about a bus (full of wedding guests) coming in contact with open power cables and

Transparency matters

Not in Islamabad, though The Sharifs have made a reputation of keeping their thoughts confined to a tightly knit network of family, friends, and a small group of bureaucrats, even when it

Opening the region for trade

Out-of-the-box solutions Nawaz Sharif is using every opportunity to draw the Indian leadership to talks, the latest being the phone call to his Indian counterpart to offer condolences over deaths in India

The familiar charges

Mean nothing unless proven   Many who would otherwise blame MQM activists of involvement in target killings, extortion and land-grabbing were left guessing who was behind SSP Rao Anwar’s tirade against the

Policemen assassins

Another low! Count on Punjab police to disappoint. The press had just appreciated their quick unraveling of the BB airport heist, which makes news of the Faisalabad gang of assassins involving policemen

Vowing to crush all mafia

Revitalising the civilian institutions It was ironic that the targeted killing of Karachi University Professor Waheedur Rehman took place on the day the COAS vowed to crush all mafia in Karachi. The