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Conflict of interest

And a happy surprise The peculiar relationship that many Pakistani politicians have developed with the Gulf Sheikhs is affecting the country in ways that are not always welcome. Some of these politicians

Common AfPak fight

Encouraging advances The military operation on the Afghan side of the border – which took out a key Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JuA) commander and his spokesman – is a clear indication that recent goodwill

Senate elections

Counterpoise to PML-N Raza Rabbani, elected unopposed as Chairman Senate, could claim to be the most qualified man for the job in the PPP. As an activist of the party he was

Nawaz’s dream

Hearts and motorways If ‘bringing hearts closer’ is the driving force behind the Lahore-Karachi motorway, then perhaps the Rs361b price tag is a tad steep, especially considering our deficit and the lengths

The raid on Nine Zero

Need for a probe   There can be no two opinions about the need to take the criminals to justice irrespective of their political affiliations. Nothing, however, should be done that makes

‘Inconsistent and unfair’

Timely reality check The finance ministry must have had its own reasons to expect a trade agreement with American, but visiting US Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker brought a made-in-Washington reality check instead.

CII matters

The Council and its ideology Finally the government brings the Council of Islamic Ideology to its minimum mandated strength of nine members with the nomination of Dr Samia Raheel Qazi as the

Containing the disputes

Dialogue with India Countries around the world are fed up with war and want to resolve longstanding disputes through peaceful dialogue. In Pakistan’s neighbourhood China and India, which fought a bloody war

Mango flights

PIA still in trouble though Multan’s new international airport is a welcome development on a number of levels. Now, ‘mango flights’ will not only take our prized fruit (and vegetable) produce directly

Boko Haram and Da’ish

Of significance to Pakistan Western experts downplay the significance of Boko Haram joining Dai’ish (allegedly) at their own peril. Even if the oath of allegiance is fake, the news – especially IS’s

Pakistan and India

Still estranged?   The only thing the recent foreign secretary interaction was supposed to achieve, considering the background, was breaking the ice. And, in hindsight, it must have taken more than Obama’s

Pay attention at home

Pakistan and Gulf politics Sectarian politics continues to dominate the policies of the Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia. Since 2011, Saudi Arabia has persecuted its Shi’a minority, which its clerics consider as

Netanyahu in Washington

So instructive   The Middle East mess – since the Arab Spring degenerated – has brought about a number of interesting shifts in international diplomacy. But some things are bound to remain