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Entering a snake pit

Yemen could become another Afghanistan   Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies are reluctant to send their own troops to Yemen. Saudi Arabia alone possesses 227,000 troops including 100,000 strong National Guard

FIA under fire

Ch Nisar’s claims Finally someone takes the FIA to task. And Ch Nisar has done it in quite some style. He disappeared (again) for a while, then emerged from the shadows with

Disregard for the House

At least someone took notice Considering how ministers have treated the Assembly this term, it was only a matter of time before some feather broke the camel’s back and somebody, somewhere took

The folly

No military solution to a political conflict   After nearly a month of ill-conceived airstrikes, Saudi Arabia has decided to call them off. What has forced the decision is a failure to

PML-N’s bad habit

Keeping secrets PPP’s word of caution for PML-N – that important aspects about the Pak-China Economic Corridor be made public – was timely, not the last because the ruling party has made

Chinese investments

Hurdles that need to be removed   Pakistan and China signed on projects worth $28 billion on Monday. This was the first installment of the envisaged $46 billion Chinese investment in infrastructure

Senate concerns

An inactive government There was justifiable anger in the Senate over non-implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP) the other day, with the matter typically put off because of the (continued) absence

Iqbal and Muslim homeland

Reality check   Iqbal is credited with conceiving a separate homeland for Muslims of India. What distinguishes him from those who made similar depositions earlier like Ch Rehmat Ali is that Iqbal

Pakistan cricket

Proud past, dubious future This is not just a bad patch that the cricket team is passing through. It is a breakdown years – many years – in the making. And it’s

Gen Karimi’s visit

Relations with Afghanistan on the mend None could have imagined twelve months back that the Afghan army chief would be the chief guest at Kakul passing out parade anytime in the foreseeable

Rush for NA-246

Everybody’s own change The kind of rush the NA-246 by-election has cooked up is something of a novelty for Azizabad. The MQM heartland has been used to ‘more of the same’ for

Aseefa’s polio initiative

Makes sense Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, who is the Rotary International ambassador for polio eradication, has formally invited Maryam Nawaz and Reham Khan to “join hand and help accelerate polio eradication programs across