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Pie in the sky

Without concrete steps, claims mean nothing   The President’s address to the joint session contained numerous promises to turn around the country. The President vowed to build Pakistan in accordance with Jinnah’s

Economic Survey

Another tale of missed targets Once again the Survey disappoints. Interestingly, the finance minister found reason to celebrate the provisional 4.2 percent GDP growth figure – which missed the set target of

Dir decision

Appreciated novelty   There were rumours about some sort of agreement between political parties – it later emerged that documents were indeed signed – to bar women from voting in the Dir

The Sethi withdrawal

Leave cricket to cricketers Finally, Najam Sethi finds the good sense to disassociate himself from the ICC presidency. For one thing, he would have felt out of place, especially as president, owing

Ramzan promises

Just as broken The PML-N has not had a good record of honouring campaign promises so far in its third time in government. Tax revenues, which were supposed to finally go up

Heed the portents

Terrorism’s roots in Punjab and government’s inaction   While looking for the terrorists Pakistan’s agencies fail to see what lies under their nose. Numerous terrorist sanctuaries as well as helpers and financiers

Mian Iftikhar’s arrest

Miscarriage of justice   How unfortunate that the immediate reaction to the Pabbi incident landed ANP’s Mian Iftikhar in judicial lockup, even though the father of the deceased admitted in court that

Double standards

PTI’s political approach Chief Minister KP has put total responsibility for violence and election malpractices on ECP, maintaining that his government had no role in organising the polling. Strangely, the PTI is


Could have done better   The prime minister didn’t really need to visit the ISI headquarters to tell the clandestine services that our biggest challenges now are extremism and terrorism. This posturing

Two years in the bag

Nawaz survives   The government has reportedly quite a party planned to celebrate its second year in power. Things weren’t smooth all the way, of course. Not long ago there were serious

LG polls in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Ground realities unmask political parties’ machinations   With 84,420 candidates vying for 41,762 seats, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa local government polls will test the mettle of provincial government, political parties and the Election Commission

NADRA’s aliens

More work needed The government has been investigating foreigners living inside the country, some as legal citizens in possession of national ID cards, for quite a while now. And it has promised

From NAP to NIP

PML-N’s infighting has made it a failure   There is a growing perception in the corridors of power that RAW is working with determination to block the implementation of the China-Pakistan Economic