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Act of God or ineptitude?

Making Hajj safe is the King’s responsibility   The two tragic incidents during the Hajj this year leading to hundreds of deaths could have been averted through better management. The collapse of

More bonds to celebrate

And truth to hide The road shows – final one in New York spearheaded by the finance minister himself – sold the economic turnaround narrative well enough to bag $500m, at an

Security situation

As of now With Zarb-e-Azb not far from coming full circle – according to the military itself – the new attack-response scenario seems to fit a pattern. Granted, the operation has decimated

Dire need to regulate seminaries

Causes and effects While the National Action Plan (NAP) remains largely unimplemented nine months after its formulation, the government is particularly hesitant in the enforcement of recommendation that concern the seminaries. A

East meets West again

In Washington For some reason the American press continues to play down China’s profile – because of the recent market crash and yuan devaluation – ahead of this week’s meeting between presidents

Losing Afghanistan

Not something Pakistan can afford   Over the last two years there has been a complete agreement between the civilian government and army that good relations with Afghanistan alone can create stability

Multi-tasking Mamnoon

Break from standard practice PPP’s surprise over the ‘president’s politicking’ is understandable given the manner in which the ever-watchful judiciary kept their own co-chairman from conducting party meetings in the presidency not

Border tension

Bad for both Pakistan and India   At the flag meeting between the field commanders from India and Pakistan both sides agreed to defuse the LoC flare-ups. This would be termed as

Gen Musharraf’s ambitions

Another third force Neither time nor tide, it seems, can blunt Gen Musharraf’s ambitions. It has been a while since he reigned supreme over this Islamic Republic. Since then the thinning out

Power sector problems

And campaign promises   That bad news from the water and power ministry makes the headlines now and then is no longer surprising. But that ‘embezzlement, misappropriation and irregularities’ in accounts of

Imran the grumbler

He needs to learn   Instead of putting his house in order Imran Khan blames others for blunders committed by the party itself. It was surprising to find that the PTI had

Badhaber to Kabul

Strain all around The Pak-Afghan diplomatic strain following the Badhaber attack marks a bigger win for terrorists, since it is now clear that neither country can win its war against militancy without

Beware of sycophants

Leave politics to politicians General Raheel Sharif is a man who can take most difficult decisions without batting an eye. He can also get them executed efficiently and in real time. Besides

Education factories

Regulate this market Even the earliest proponents of the free market – right from the Adam Smith days – advocated active government oversight to prevent the market from going too far. The

A dastardly attack

Questions of security   The terrorists launched an audacious attack on Badaber PAF base camp to assert that they are alive and kicking. It goes to the credit of the air base