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Bull in a china shop

Musharraf and his meddling in affairs beyond his approach   A sensitive approach towards Afghanistan has led to the melting of the ice between Islamabad and Kabul. The neighbouring countries are cooperating

Resuming dialogue

India has dragged its feet long enough   The Foreign Secretary of India is finally visiting Islamabad on March 3. The sudden decision by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resume the parleys

‘Legacy of losses’

PIA’s sad story Aviation Division Secretary Mohammad Ali Gardezi’s revelation before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), that PIA management has finalised “a new business plan for revival”, did not impress too many

Ch Nisar’s credibility

Some clarification, please So much for the interior minister’s credibility. The case of Maulana Aziz’s mysterious letter of apology seems another one of those unforced errors that leave him in an awkward

Power crisis and quick fixes

PML-N has failed to take any concrete measures There were three inter-related media reports on Monday concerning loads shedding. Farmers in Balochistan blocked the highways against persistent blackouts. Nawaz Sharif said load

Cricket worries

Incompetence at the Board Things are clearly not getting any better in the World Cup campaign, both on and off the field. On the surface the weaknesses are quite apparent, and it

Improving Pak-Afghan relations

More dialogue and action There are visible signs of improvement in Pakistan-Afghanistan relations as well as relations between the US and these two countries. Among the factors responsible for the positive development

Foreign office postings

Typical N-league It is interesting, to say the least, that the prime minister never tires of calling for government sector reforms yet his administration continues with a style of crucial appointments that

Now or never

Decisive moment of the war Recent high profile terror attacks – Shikarpur, Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi – mark a serious turning point in the war against terrorism, especially since they are the first

Confronting violent extremism

Some self-correction, perhaps? Addressing the three day White House Conference on violent extremism, Obama has come up with some new ideas while some of the points raised by himneed further elaboration. There

APS spillover

Patients need care Unfortunately, the Peshawar school tragedy is turning out to be just another one of those instances that get relevant governments talking while little is really done. The federal government

The Shi’a question

Why fair game? Even if genocide is an inappropriate term to explain continued persecution of the Shi’a, it can no longer be denied that the minority has long been a victim of