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LNG complications

Why the secrecy? Normally the ruling party’s efforts to deal with the energy problem would be met with appreciation, not the least because overcoming this particular shortage was one of the N-league’s

ADB reality check

Not quite Darnomics The reason that the Fund and ADB disagree with the finance ministry’s outlook on the national economy is quite simple. Dar sb seems to have staked his credibility on

Sindh takes the lead again

Quaid’s 11th August address The greatest threat Pakistan faces at this juncture is from terrorist networks which have killed thousands of Pakistanis, civilians as well as soldiers. There is a realisation for

BJP’s two faces

Way forward on Kashmir It is interesting that the Indians chose Pakistan Day to expand on their understand of way forward on Kashmir. Modi’s letter of congratulation to his opposite number was

SBP rate cut

Tread with caution State Bank’s monetary easing – interest rate at eight percent now, lowest in 13 years – opens yet another window to stimulate investment and spending, but success will ultimately

Pakistan Day

Country’s progress so far Pakistan Day is observed to commemorate the Lahore Resolution of 1940 and the day when the country’s first constitution was passed and Pakistan declared a Republic. Jinnah who

Ghani in Washington

Far reaching implications Afghanistan’s Ghani-Abdullah duo could not have prepped their US visit any better. They understood both the need to mend fences with Pakistan and the importance of bringing China on

After the lynching

Potential turning point   The Punjab government must be extra careful while investigating the church bombings and the public lynching that followed. Public confidence generated after the Peshawar school attack is clearly

The predicament of IDPs

Great tragedy indeed The sad state of affairs of the South Waziristan IDPs indicates how easy it is to displace a population and how difficult to rehabilitate it. An entire community from

Obama on Da’ish

Aiming before shooting   US President Obama shocked more than just the Republicans by (finally) blaming the rise of Da’ish, or ISIS, on his predecessor’s ill-advised and ill-fated invasion of Iraq. Attributing

Jockeying for LG polls

Politics at grass root level   With the ECP having announced the schedule for Local Government elections at the insistence of the Supreme Court, a race has begun between the parties. First

So much for the World Cup

Learning lessons is key Even though the string of wins leading to the quarter final raised expectations about Pakistan’s chances in the cricket World Cup, initial performances clearly betrayed the brittle nature

Follow the due process

Or there will be no justice   The confessions by MQM activist Saulat Mirza accusing Altaf Hussain and Babar Ghauri of orchestrating targeted killings and Governor Ishartul Ibad of protecting MQM criminals

Long awaited CCI meeting

Population census at last Population census is essential for more than just statistical reasons. It is very important for formulating economic policies as well, particularly in poor countries like Pakistan. And since