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The IMF report card

All too familiar The finance minister perhaps overplayed the IMF’s stamp of approval at the sixth review of the economy in Dubai. True, the Fund was happy enough to okay the $550m

Kashmir Solidarity Day

How both India and Pakistan should go about resolving the issue   The National Assembly and Senate have passed resolutions condemning human rights violations in Indian-held Kashmir and called for the implementation

Hunting season begins

Houbara and rule of law The government does not seem to understand that Arab princes lining up for the houbara bustard hunting season threaten not just the “vulnerable” bird, but also the

Governance and Pak-China relations

Alienating the only strategic partner Bad governance, the hallmark of the PML-N administration, continues to cause problems to the government and the country. Three projects started with the Chinese participation illustrate the

US and Pakistan

Points to ponder President Obama’s call for Congress to okay $1billion for aid to Pakistan comes at an important time for both countries, and indeed the region. Islamabad-Washington relations are typically straight

Way to strengthen Pakistan

Better relations with neighbours and combating terrorism   By unilaterally cancelling the foreign secretary level talks, upping the ante on the working boundary and concentrating on a Pakistan specific missile programme, India

Government’s lethargy

Could cost the nation dearly The barbaric incident in Peshawar was considered to be the moment from where the country would take a turn and deal with the endemic problems extremism has

Containing Imran

No more dharnas? Going by Imran Khan’s body language after the meeting with the Chief Election Commissioner, he didn’t seem too keen on street protests being the primary method of agitation for

Civil-military understanding

Cooperation helps   The war against terrorism cannot be won without a full understanding between the government and military establishment. The terrorists managed to gain strength because the army under Gen Ashfaq

Dar and the deficit

Will he learn his lesson? Finally it strikes the government that the deficit target might be difficult – more like impossible – to meet. But whether or not it’s just the national

Strategic imbalance

Doing what matters The breakthrough in nuclear technology talks between the US and India, combined with the signing of agreements for cooperation in defence, security, space and high technologies, has led Sataj

Gloves coming off

Again The way the government was, indeed, dilly-dallying over the judicial commission, another confrontation with PTI was only a matter of time. And going by Imran Khan’s recent statements, it seems that

Game plan for Kabul

Took too long coming   Whether or not the Taliban’s latest attack in Kabul – killing three US contractors – was related to the White House’s press briefing the previous day remains

Incomplete action plan

Losing the plot, again The Shikarpur incident once again exposed the incomplete nature of the national action plan, at least in terms of implementation. The Shi’a have been the prime targets of

Reviewing foreign policy

Depending on others or self-reliance? The US-India nuclear deal has upset many in Pakistan. Sartaj Aziz has called it detrimental for the stability of South Asia. Leader of the Opposition in NA