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Lahore fire tragedy

When words don’t suffice   This was not the first time that incompetence on part of the fire brigade or police staff cost some people their lives. And it definitely won’t be

When things go to extremes

No party can command respect on rhetoric alone   What the Karachi corps commander said in a sanitised phraseology about the ‘vested interest’, ‘political expediencies’, ‘sponsored militancy’, ‘patronage’ and ‘ills in political

The Seminary question

No stones unturned? The matter of Pervez Rashid’s remarks about certain madrassas has deteriorated only because the government did not back the minister firmly and failed to take timely action against suspect

Economic forecasting

And taking stock The finance minister is happy enough with the economy as the fiscal rolls out, but much of the business fraternity does not seem to share his optimism. With inflation

The Arab snub

Feeling jilted Obama’s attempt to broker a deal with Iran makes the Gulf rulers feel insecure. If the deal which is to be signed next month is finalised it will help Iran

Questions about Karachi

Strategy versus performance Whatever the purpose of the Karachi Operation, particularly the MQM raid and its fallout, was, it failed to control or contain terrorism in the metropolis. That much was apparent

Addicted to borrowing

Old habits die hard Budget time is near, which means the government will scramble to balance its books. And that means it will set off on another borrowing spree. The finance minister

Trust deficit

Smaller provinces are aggrieved, and rightly so   Nothing can satisfy the representatives of the smaller provinces other than a solemn commitment by the Prime Minister himself that the original route of

Worrying education stats

No surprises though Pakistan has been making all sorts of worrying headlines for some time now. From terrorism, militancy and insurgency to polio, water shortage and hurdles in doing business; statistics point

Ismaili killings

Failure of security apparatus and government policies   The smoke and mirror claims of turning round the situation in Karachi were exposed by the brutal killings of 45 Ismailis in broad daylight.

Afghan concerns

Can’t be any clearer It’s not usual for the Pakistani prime minister to be in Kabul two times in seven months, especially with the COAS and ISI chief on board. The official

Fulfill the promises

PML-N and KP government The PML-N is bitter about the PTI. Right at the time when the Chinese are investing billions of dollars in the CPEC while the IMF is satisfied with

Port city running dry

Worse to come? Things are grim, indeed, for the citizens of the port city. If rampant lawlessness, official corruption, lack of security, extortion, kidnapping, murder, etc, was not bad enough, the people

GSP Plus in danger

Every prize has a price   It’s not as if the Europeans were never going to check on the 27 international conventions that Pakistan was bound to implement to ensure continuation of