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About the World Cup

Shades of ’92?   There’s much to learn, still, from the cricket World Cup victory of ’92. It’s not just that the team bounced back from a far from inspiring start to

Media’s responsibility

In the fight against terrorism   At a time when the country is fighting for its existence, the least one should expect from the media is to wholeheartedly support the National Action

Washington’s concerns

Do more The US Congress just echoed concern rising across Pakistan in its letter to John Kerry; warning against getting too cozy with Islamabad until Zarb-e-Azb expanded to include ‘designated foreign terrorist

State of affairs

Not satisfactory! It is becoming difficult to find areas where the government’s performance is satisfactory. The security situation is hardly worth writing home about. There was much talk after the school attack

MQM back to the fold

Sticking this time? The understanding between PPP and MQM has benefited both. What is more it has provided a sense of relief to the federal government. Foremost among those who are unhappy

The Chinese initiative

Final solution, perhaps? Once again Chinese political maturity speaks for itself; showing why they are not just the world’s second largest economy, but a major political player as well in an increasingly

A welcome development

Resumption of talks between India and Pakistan might be in the offing It is recognised by Washington that Pakistan has made untold sacrifices in fighting the terrorist groups, some of whom had

Jundullah strikes again

Testing the NAP After Friday afternoon’s Imambargah attack in Peshawar – killing 20 and injuring 60 so far – DG ISPR’s tough talk from a day ago no longer inspires much confidence.

The good news

Discovery of iron ores and government’s priorities A euphoric Shahabaz Sharif has congratulated the nation on the discovery of huge iron, copper and gold reserves in Chiniot district. Laboratories in Canada and

Crucial trilateral concord

China, Afghanistan and Pakistan The Chinese Foreign Minister has arrived. The Chinese President is expected in Islamabad next month. Meanwhile, the first strategic trilateral dialogue between China, Pakistan and Afghanistan has concluded

Unbudgeted taxes

More Darnomics PML-N will find it difficult to spin the opposition walkout from the National Assembly – on account of unbudgeted taxes – in its favour, since it cannot employ its usual

The root of crises

A centralised government system   The PML-N government has gone through a series of crises. First came several shutdowns, the last being the most devastating. This was followed by petrol crisis which

MQM in a bind

Careful with the showdown, though Even if much about MQM’s rebuttal – of the Baldia factory JIT report – is taken at face value, its response is making the fallout that much