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Muzzling the academia

Need to explain Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) was forced by ‘government’ to cancel a scheduled talk on Balochistan featuring half a dozen academicians and rights activists. Mama Qadeer, a 70

Do they help us?

Our dear Gulf friends This is not the first time Pakistan has been asked to share its military with Arab countries. Pakistani forces have trained Gulf soldiers and fighter pilots for decades.

A sensible resolution

The only choice for Pakistan in the Yemen crisis Finally, the Parliament has formulated a unanimous stand regarding the Saudi request. There was a widespread perception that Nawaz Sharif might not be

Bilawal’s training

Some things take time Finally the PPP leadership clarifies Bilawal’s situation. For the time being, at least, it seems Zardari sb will remain solely in charge, and the soonest Bilawal can add

Can Sharif mediate?

In a situation where Pakistan can stand up to its potential Pakistan is the only Muslim  country that  can be accepted by the Gulf governments as an honest broker for mediation in

The NA-246 lesson

Bad kind of politics So far, the NA-246 by-election has brought out the worst in PTI and MQM. Both parties claim to represent the progressive middle class as their main workforce. Yet

A new role for Pakistan

In the Yemen crisis The defence minister has informed the joint sitting of the tall Saudi order requiring deployment of units of Pakistan army, navy and air force in the Saudi-led offensive

Sri Lankan president’s visit

Important observations Popular political and media attention continues to revolve around the crisis in Yemen, which is why Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena’s first visit to Islamabad has been something of a

Waiting for NAP

Another non-starter? Time has come to question the government about the National Action Plan (NAP) that does not seem to come alive beyond official rhetoric and bureaucratic paperwork. Much time has passed

Remembering Bhutto

A mixed legacy   Veteran British politician George Galloway got carried away on Saturday when he said Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was the greatest leader the subcontinent had ever produced. A more balanced

BJP’s posturing

Regarding Pakistan, especially Finally the BJP postures towards a more balanced foreign policy with regard to Pakistan. It took 10 months of failed diplomatic aggression – which included departures from political traditions

To Yemen?

Tread with caution It seems the N-league has been in a bit of a hurry to join Saudi Arabia’s Yemen offensive. They have been careful with their posturing, of course, but it’s

ISIS in AfPak

And the elephant in the room   ISIS has raised its ugly head in neighbouring Afghanistan where the black flags of the terrorist network have reportedly replaced the white ones of the

Those above the law

Make an example, finally Needless to say, it is important to ensure swift and speedy justice in the matter of Mustafa Kanju, son of former minister Siddiq Kanju, murdering an innocent 16

The historic deal

And its long term effects   The Iran nuclear deal is the most memorable foreign policy achievement of the Obama administration. President Obama ignored a strong lobby in the Congress comprising the

The Kenyan massacre

Al Shabab this time! There can be no denying that religious terrorism is a well-entrenched world-wide phenomenon. No better example than the latest Kenyan tragedy. In an attack that was eerily similar