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Agha Akbar

‘Light, Courage, Love’

Celebrating Kinnaird’s ‘Century of Empowering Women’ The publications celebrating a centenary of any institution are rare (like individuals, institutions that make it past the three figures are indeed few and far between).

Wait and watch

The trend in volumes has been extremely sluggish day in, day out throughout the last week. And the KSE-100 benchmark has remained singularly one-dimensional – flat. If there was a rise it

Agha Akbar

Political storm brewing?

A storm is currently being whipped up in the always simmering pot of Pakistan’s politics. And in the eye of the storm are the politicians who are tearing at each other’s throats

All quiet on the KSE front

Apart from a minor dip or some rise here or there, the country’s leading benchmark, the KSE-100, this past week mainly remained consistent, trading in the vicinity of 12,000 points. The volumes,