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Managing water in Pakistan

Policy makers must muster the courage to rise up above domestic politics At the Millennium Summit, the United Nations (UN) addressed the effects of economic water scarcity by listing safe drinking water

Aadil Aamir

Water crisis

Myth or reality? Ever since the industrial revolution, human ingenuity has allowed water, the elixir of human life, to flow even in the most arid landscapes. Ever since the 19th century, water

Aadil Aamir

Pakistan deserves ‘education’

The turnaround of Pakistan’s education is daunting but not insurmountable Education is the only phenomenon that cuts across horizontally through all sections of social and economic classes. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s education not only

Victim shaming, burden of proof in sexual harassment cases

Nighat Dad says law has failed victims of sexual abuse which is why they use social media to speak up LAHORE: Sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination are pervasive in Pakistani society and

Aadil Aamir

Education in Pakistan

The problems Education is a process that facilitates the acquisition of skills, beliefs, wisdom and values rather than the mere accretion of degrees like the Pakistani society believes. At the heart of