Rivals gun down three brothers at their Shikarpur house

SHIKARPUR: Armed men killed three brothers of a rival group after entering their house in Shikarpur district on Friday.

The tragic incident occurred in Darai Brohi village, a suburban area of Tehsil Lakhi Ghulam Shah in Shikarpur.

Local police reported that in Darai Brohi village, three brothers were killed due to a long-standing rivalry between two groups of the Brohi tribe.

According to the police, armed men entered a house in Darai Brohi village and opened fire on the residents, who died on the spot.

The attack resulted in the deaths of three brothers: 50-year-old Habibullah Brohi, 42-year-old Amanullah Brohi, and 39-year-old Nasrullah Brohi.

Local police reached the crime scene and transported the dead bodies of three brothers to a hospital for post-mortem examination.


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