Man ‘lures’ friend into sex change operation to fulfil marriage plan

  • Hospital officials refute allegations, say surgery had been performed with the ‘consent’ of man

UTTAR PRADESH: A 20-year-old man reportedly suffered an unwanted sex change after being lured into hospital by a ‘friend’ to fulfil a marriage plan in the Uttar Pradesh state of India.

According to Indian media, the victim, Mujahid, was betrayed by a friend who had been threatening and harassing him for two years.

On June 3, Mujahid was deceitfully taken to a local medical college in Muzaffarnagar under the guise of needing an urgent medical examination.

Mujahid had no idea what was going to happen at the hospital and came trusting his friend. Upon arrival, the hospital staff administered anaesthesia, and during the procedure, his genitals were removed.

When Mujahid regained consciousness the next day, his friend, Om Prakash, delivered the shocking news that Mujahid had been turned into a woman and they would now have to get married.

Om Prakash claimed that no one from Mujahid’s family or community would accept him anymore and that he now had to live with him.

Further threats followed, with Om Prakash stating that he had arranged a lawyer for their court marriage and planned to move them to Lucknow, where his uncle lived. Om Prakash also withdrew INR35,000 from Mujahid’s account and threatened to shoot Mujahid’s father and take his share of the family’s land if he refused to comply.

Following the incident, local farmer leader Shyam Pal led a protest outside the medical college, demanding justice. He linked the incident to the illegal business of selling body parts and called for immediate action against the accused and the hospital staff involved in the procedure without consent.

Senior police officer Ramashish Yadav confirmed the arrest of Om Prakash and stated that an investigation was underway.

He assured that the allegations made by the victim’s family would be thoroughly investigated and appropriate legal action would be taken against those found guilty.


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