Armenia recognises state of Palestine amid Gaza conflict

GAZA: Armenia on Friday officially recognized the State of Palestine, amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza, expressing opposition to “violence towards civilian populations.”

This move follows similar recognitions by other countries during the current genocide, which has provoked strong criticism from Israeli officials.

“Armenia affirms its adherence to international law, the equality of nations, sovereignty, and peaceful coexistence through its recognition of the State of Palestine,” stated officials in Yerevan.

The Armenian government also expressed a strong interest in fostering enduring peace and stability in the Middle East. Having experienced prolonged conflict with Azerbaijan, Armenia criticized Israel’s military actions in Gaza and condemned the use of civilian infrastructure as shields in armed conflicts.

Moreover, Armenia criticized Hamas for holding civilians captive and aligned itself with international calls for their release.

Hussein Al-Sheikh, a senior official from the Palestinian Authority, hailed Armenia’s recognition as a “victory for right, justice, legitimacy, and the Palestinian people’s fight for liberation and independence,” sharing his remarks on social media.


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