Woman falls off 300-foot cliff while reversing car

A tragic incident was reported from India, where a 23-year-old woman died after she reversed her car off a cliff and fell 300 feet into a gorge.

The woman, Shweta Survase, tragically died after accidentally reversing her car off a cliff and plunging 300 feet into a gorge.

Shweta, who reportedly had no prior driving experience, was allegedly making videos for social media at the time.

The two friends had traveled from Aurangabad to Sulibhanjan Hills on Monday afternoon.

According to reports, Shweta got into the driver’s seat and started reversing the car. Initially, she was about 50 meters away from the cliff, but as she continued to back up, the car’s speed increased.

The car rolled down the 300-foot-high cliff and landed in the gorge, resulting in devastating visuals of the mangled vehicle remains.


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