Laptop battery explosion in Faisalabad home kills two, injures several

Faisalabad’s Shareef Pura area on Wednesday witnessed a fatal incident when a laptop battery exploded while charging, igniting a fierce fire that claimed two lives and inflicted severe burns on seven family members.

The victims, including five children and two women, were residents of a house along Satyana Road. They were promptly transported to Allied Hospital following the incident, according to rescue personnel.

Hospital officials reported that the deceased were siblings, and those injured suffered burns covering 50% to 60% of their bodies.

In response to the tragedy, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz expressed her condolences to the affected family and mandated immediate provision of optimal medical care for the survivors.

Following the incident, an investigative team was formed by the Faisalabad deputy commissioner, while Regional Police Officer Dr. Muhammad Abid Khan directed the senior superintendent of police to launch a thorough inquiry into the cause of the fire.

In a separate incident in Lahore, a major fire was extinguished by 25 rescue workers at a paper factory within Sundar Industrial Estate after battling the flames for over 14 hours, as per Rescue 1122 sources.

This string of fires, including a recent catastrophic event at Sahiwal Teaching Hospital that resulted in 11 infant fatalities, has prompted heightened scrutiny and intervention by governmental authorities.

Chief Minister Nawaz has called for stringent accountability measures, leading to several arrests and terminations within the hospital’s administration.


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