JI chief highlights tax burden on salaried class compared to feudal lords

KARACHI: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman criticised the government on Sunday, highlighting the tax disparity between the salaried class and feudal lords.

He stated that the salaried class has paid 360 billion rupees in tax, while feudal lords have contributed only four billion rupees.

Addressing a press conference, the JI Ameer questioned the amount of tax imposed on the feudal class.

“When questioned, they said they have increased the salaries of government employees,” Hafiz Naeem remarked, adding, “The private sector has many times more employees than the government sector.”

Hafiz Naeem argued that private sector employees are being exploited, as their salaries do not increase. He also pointed out that the government claims to have reduced inflation to 12 percent from an earlier 38 percent.

“Visit the streets and neighborhoods and ask the people. Everyone is troubled,” he stated. “Maximum tax has been imposed on the salaried class,” he added.

He mentioned that the prime minister has promised the nation that this will be the final IMF package for Pakistan. “Elder Mian Sahib had also said this while seeking the IMF package, that it will be the last loan program,” the JI chief noted.


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