Special desk in SIFC to attract foreign investment

ISLAMABAD: The regional and country desks have been established in the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) Secretariat.

Due to the continuous efforts of the Government of Pakistan, given the increasing potential of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), regional and country desks have been established immediately. These desks will be fully empowered to focus on investment proposals from the respective countries and will be provided with all necessary resources.

Six regional and country desks have been established to focus on the needs of foreign investment, which will be self-sufficient in every way. One desk has been established for China, the Far East and the rest of the world. Another desk has been established for Central Asian countries, Russia, Middle East and Africa.

A separate desk has been set up for Europe, North America and South America, while separate desks will look after investments with Qatar and Kuwait. Two separate desks have been set up for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The establishment of these desks in the SIFC Secretariat will further speed up the work for foreign investment.


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