Over 400 loudspeakers removed from mosques in Madhya Pradesh

INDORE: The Indian officials have taken down 437 loudspeakers from 258 mosques of different communities over the last two days in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ruled Madhya Pradesh state.

According to Kashmir Media Service, a delegation led by Indore’s Shahar Qazi Mohammad Ishrat Ali met District Magistrate Ashish Singh and demanded that loudspeakers be allowed at religious places within the permissible noise limit.

The BJP government of Madhya Pradesh, removed sound-amplifying devices from religious places. A total of 437 loudspeakers were removed from 258 different religious places mostly of mosques.

The BJP administration’s action has led to protests from Muslim religious leaders. “If loudspeakers are banned at religious places, the same rule should apply to DJs at weddings and other functions,” said Shahar Qazi Mohammad Ishrat Ali a delegation leader in Indore’ met District Magistrate Ashish Singh.

District Magistrate Singh said the loudspeakers at religious places had been removed on the state BJP government’s instructions.


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