‘Mandate thieves’ attempts to politicize atomic program condemnable: PTI

  • PTI Spokesperson urges nation to pay tribute to true benefactors instead of glorifying a ‘craven absconder’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) strongly condemned the criminal attempts by mandate theft regime and the courters to politicize the national atomic program, which is a national asset acquired by the nation through hard work and tying a stone on its belly.

PTI Spokesperson stressed the need for removing the yoke of personal dictatorship from the neck of the constitution, democracy, public mandate and the economy instead of sacrificing the national consensus on the atomic program at the altar of a criminal’s filthy politics.

He vehemently denounced the absurd statements by sycophants and said that the Cherry Blossom regime was attempting to use the national atomic program for their political gains.

PTI Spokesperson strongly criticized the reckless and extravagant use of public funds to promote the image of a widely rejected and cowardly fugitive, who was attempting to exploit the national nuclear program for his absurd and self-serving political advertising campaign.

He went on to say that Pakistan’s nuclear program was a great national asset, which was acquired by the nation by cutting its belly and tying a stone on its belly.

Highly praising the scientists for making Pakistan a nuclear power, PTI Spokesperson made it clear that the program was materialized owing to the competent, hardworking and intelligent patriotic scientists under the unwavering leadership of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan.

He demanded that the nation should pay tribute to these true benefactors instead of glorifying the craven absconder.

PTI Spokesperson urged that the small people who made late Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan a scapegoat under international pressure should seek forgiveness from Mohsin-e-Pakistan.

He recalled that the stories of the true character of the shameless clown— who was doing politics under the shadow of deals and disgraceful agreements— pertaining to the nuclear program had been told to the nation by people closed to him.

PTI Spokesperson stated that foreign minister of his cabinet late Gauhar Ayub Khan brought his cowardice story to the lime light in his autobiography, while Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s several interviews could be presented as an open testimony of his cowardice in the history.

PTI Spokesperson pointed out that when India carried out nuclear explosions, this cowardly fugitive of the Jati Umra’s feet were trembling and platelets were swiftly falling, adding that this spineless and fainthearted person was hidden under the table of the Prime Minister’s house for two weeks afterwards.

He reminded that this greedy and selfish person along with his courters were waiting for two weeks to extort dollars from foreign masters. However, he noted that the entire nation unanimously pressed the insolent person and demanded a tit-for-tat response to India’s aggressive move.

PTI Spokesperson said that only after a clear warning from the nation, the craven and greedy person left with no option but to do atomic explosions.

He sounded alarm that the latest shameful deal by the today’s constitutional violators with this unscrupulous person, who always compromised on national interest, was becoming a big test for national integrity and security.

PTI Spokesperson warned that the fast dwindling economy became a cause of a continuous threats to national integrity and security.

He made it clear that PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan and PTI were the guardians of national interests and would fight against the corrupt and oppressive regime until the end.


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