Karachi witnessing a mega rise in street crime: PDP

KARACHI: Expressing a grave concern over the rising wave of street crime in the megacity, Pasban Democratic Party PDP Chairman Altaf Shakoor here Sunday said ‘mega’ failure of Karachi police is the reason for this crime hike.

He said in a statement that almost every day muggers kill or injure innocent people on resistance to cell phone or bike snatching. Not only small streets but main roads are not safe from these criminals. Police patrol is ineffective to check these bandits. Moreover, the incidents of kidnapping for ransom are also being reported in the media.

Shakoor said that police are using old inefficient policing methods in the modern era of surveillance cameras and artificial intelligence. The police training schools are ill equipped to train cops on modern lines to fight urban crime. Corruption is rampant at every level from top to bottom in the police department and people have no trust in this department.


Shakoor demanded to replicate modern policing systems of China, Singapore and the UAE in our country to check the increasing street crime. He said the lingering safe city project should be completed soon to ensure safety of life and property of citizens. He said Karachi is the hub of economy and industry and worrisome street crime in this important port city would surely harm our economy and discourage local and foreign investment as well as tourism. He demanded that the new Sindh government should take the issue of rising street crime very seriously and bring modern changes in the policing system.


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