Stray dogs ‘rule’ Larkana as 27 dog bite cases reported in single day

LARKANA: It seems packs of stray dogs ruling Larkana streets and roads as 27 dog bite cases have been reported in the city during the past 24 hours.

The medical reports revealed that the victims of dog-bite in Larkana include children, women, and elderly citizens.

Meanwhile, the citizens urged the administration to address the issue of stray dogs as dog bite incidents are rising in the city.

Back in 2021, the Sindh High Court (SHC) Sukkur Bench suspended the membership of two of the Pakistan People’s Party MPAs from Sindh, Faryal Talpur and Malik Asad Sikandar – over dog bite incidents reported in their respective constituencies.

In the written judgment, the SHC said that the membership of the MPAs was suspended over no contact on dog bite cases that occurred in their constituencies.

The court has directed the Election Commission of Pakistan to release the suspension notification of Faryal Talpur and Malik Asad Sikandar.

It is to be mentioned here that the Sindh High Court’s Sukkur Bench had earlier ruled that if any person is bitten by a dog, the membership of the respective Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) elected from that area would be suspended.


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