PEF BoD discusses initiatives to advance educational opportunities

LAHORE: The 83rd meeting of the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) Board of Directors, held on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Dr. Saeed Shafqat, brought together key stakeholders in the education sector to discuss and review important initiatives aimed at advancing educational opportunities in the region.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Azam Chaudhry (Academician), Asma Waziri (Academician), Naveed Shahzad Mirza from the School Education Department, Hassan Farooq from the Planning & Development Department, Shaheen Mehboob from the Social & Welfare Department, Dr. Intizar Hussain Butt from the University of Education, and Mian Usman Ali from the Literacy & Non-Formal Basic Education Department. Dr. Basit Khan (Technocrat) and Muhammad Ali Ijaz from the Finance Department participated in the meeting online.

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome extended by Manzar Javed Ali, the Managing Director of PEF, to all the board members upon their arrival. Qurat-ul-Ain Memon, the Deputy Managing Director (Operation), delivered a detailed briefing on the crucial steps taken by PEF in the previous five months.

Several minutes of previous meetings were presented for approval and ratification by the board members. Manzar Javed Ali presented the minutes of the 81st and 82nd meetings, along with the minutes of the 31st Program Committee, 53rd Finance Committee, and 36th Executive Committee.

The meeting focused on the implementation of key initiatives, with particular attention given to two important topics: the revised policy for the transfer of PEF partnerships due to joining government employment and the mechanism for updating the renewal of school registration certificates.

The revised policy for partnership transfers due to joining government employment aims to address the issue of PEF partnerships being affected when staff members transition to government employment. The board members engaged in a productive discussion on how to ensure the seamless transfer of partnerships and maintain the continuity of educational programs in such cases.

Another significant topic of discussion revolved around the mechanism to update the renewal of school registration certificates. The board members deliberated on the importance of efficiently updating these certificates to ensure that schools within PEF’s purview maintain the required standards and continue delivering quality education.


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