China-Pakistan compassionate home inaugurated for ailing children

ISLAMABAD: China-Pakistan compassionate home was officially inaugurated here for ailing children in Pakistan.

According to Gwadar Pro, this is a joint efforts by the Beijing-based charity One Heart Sphere Charity Foundation (BOHS), Islamabad-based volunteer organization China-Pakistan Youth Exchange Community (CPYEC), and Pakistani non-governmental organization (NGO) Step and Cure.

This will provides free accommodation and treatment to children suffering from a variety of long-term mental and physical ailments in Islamabad. Their attendants would also be allowed to stay with them.

Qiu Xu, secretary-general of BOHS, expected that the platform can gather more love and strength to serve the most needy.

In 2022, CPYEC along with BOHS carried out public welfare assistance projects in various parts of Pakistan including distribution of food packages, assistance to orphanages and welfare homes for special children, construction of tent camps and construction of drinking water stations.

Li Yue, counselor of consular affairs at the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, highlighted the friendship between the two countries, adding that Chinese charity organizations have played a great role in strengthening the people-to-people bond between the two countries.


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