Census woes

The repeated extension of national census deadlines suggests that the relevant authorities are not getting the ‘desired’ results. They may not realise it, but the fact is that our policymakers are being laughed at by their countrymen and are being made fun of by inter-national media.
An enumerator alone can make a better plan than the mighty experts working for the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). After hard work of almost two months, it has been confirmed that inexperienced teams have been provided gadgets and sent to carry out the field work.
There are issues, such as division of the blocks, selection of enumerators, lack of experienced supervisors, delayed payments and dictatorial attitude of assistant commissioners in various districts. Also, the teachers carrying out the exercise have been in the field for more than two months now, and that has affected the academic year rather badly.
The Sindh secretary of education has recently directed the teachers to abide by PBS instructions. Instead, he should have supported the teachers in getting the issues sorted out, and to restore the academic activities under his watch.
As for the enumerators, all they want is to be left alone to join their schools so that their students may not suffer anymore.

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