The London plan!

I am convinced there are many people in London making plans to make my life miserable. It seems they have me under observation through hidden cameras round the clock. Recent events appear to prove this.

When the dollar reached the level of Rs250, I sold my entire collection of dollars. From the next day onwards, the dollar has been appreciating in value. There is no other explanation except that the London chaps got to know of my sale of dollars? With the money I got from the dollar sale, I bought shares, but again the London people arranged for my shares to depreciate in value.

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Recently, I went to a car showroom to buy a new car. It took me a couple of days to arrange for the payment, but by that time the value of the car had gone up by 30 per cent. Again, the Londoners were at it. I am considering asking the British premier to take action against these London plan people so that I may live a peaceful life.



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