Poll reflects Chinese modernization provides a new development path for world economies

About 84.5 percent of global respondents said that China’s modernization offers a brand-new reference to a development path for other countries and a Chinese solution to explore a better social system for mankind, according to a public opinion survey conducted in 21 countries by CGTN Think Tank and the Chinese Institute of Public Opinion at Renmin University of China.

China said it will promote the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in an all-round way with Chinese modernization, which has attracted close attention from the world.

In recent years, China has made remarkable achievements in economic and social development. The vast majority of respondents in the survey speak highly of Chinese achievements, with as many as 92.6 percent of them impressed by China’s economic developments, 92.7 percent believing that China has made great progress in science and technology, and 72.7 percent hold the belief that Chinese culture is becoming more and more attractive and influential and the world witnesses these achievements have laid a solid foundation for China’s modernization.

In the survey, some 89.8 percent of global respondents highly praise the concept of Chinese modernization as well as its distinctive features. For example, as many as 91.3 percent of people support that modernization should pursue social justice and thus appreciate China’s efforts to achieve common prosperity. Meanwhile, 84.3 percent of them believe “helping realize personal value” is also an important element of modernization, adding that despite China’s large population, Chinese modernization tries its utmost to give everyone space to realize their own values. Besides, 74.4 percent agree that modernization should not only solve material problems, but also take people’s spiritual needs into consideration.

On the modernization model, China proposes that there is no one-size-fits-all style in the world. According to the poll, 86.7 percent of people advocate that a country’s modernization should be in line with its national conditions, and 85.2 percent believe modernization should be rooted in the country’s excellent traditional culture.

In the survey, 84.5 percent of global respondents laud that China’s modernization offers a brand-new reference of  a path to development for other countries and a Chinese solution to explore a better social system for mankind. And, 74 percent of respondents expect China to make more contribution to the world, with the top three being “promoting world economic development and trade cooperation, increasing world multi-polarization and multi-civilization and improving the world environment and sustainable development” respectively.

The survey interviewed a total of 2,150 respondents from 21 countries, including people from developed countries such as the United States, Britain, France, Spain and Australia, as well as developing countries like Brazil, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and South Africa.


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