LHC gives directive to police to resolve Imran’s security issue

The Lahore High Court on Monday directed superintendent (SP) security to resolve Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s security issue in accordance with the law.

Justice Abid Aziz Sheikh made the remarks during the hearing on the former prime minister’s plea seeking “foolproof security and permission to mark his attendance into court’s proceedings through video link” to avoid any incident after he survived an assassination attempt at Wazirabad last year.

For permission linked to video link appearance, Justice Sheikh directed the petitioner to approach the concerned court.

Imran had filed a petition through advocate Azhar Siddique. In previous proceedings, the court had directed Siddique to visit Imran’s Zaman Park residence for the sake of satisfaction after a deadlock erupted between police high-ups and PTI’s leadership over the deployment of security personnel.

Police told the court that sufficient police officials had been deployed at Zaman Park while the PTI’s leadership argued that no security had been deployed.

They appeared before the court and said that 123 police officials had been deployed there while PTI’s leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi differed from the version of the police, maintaining a lack of police security at the premises.


Sharing information from his credible sources, Imran contended in his petition that “he would yet again be targeted during his exposure in the court hearings and appearances”.

The former prime minister submitted that his popularity in the political arena has become a cause of concern for his political adversaries who after the failure of several criminal cases have now resorted to the opinion of “eliminating him altogether for the political scene as final disposal”.

He also stated that since he was ousted from the government, the present regime decided to lodge a series of bogus cases against the him and senior leadership of PTI who were also subjected to torture on the basis of serious charges like sedition and mutiny.

“All state machinery was misused with the sole object of political victimization and score-settling. Being aggrieved by malicious campaign launched against him and senior members by registering baseless and false cases across Pakistan, the PTI decided to protest against incumbent Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and announced “haqeqi Azadi March,” the petition read.

The ousted premier contended that the assassination attempt was properly planned and executed at the behest of the political adversaries of the petitioner who were of immense popularity.

“The petitioner wishes to fight with politically motivated cases but due to inadequate arrangements he remained unable to attend some hearings physically, the petition added.

Imran, in his petition, also sought strict action against respondents for failing to maintain law and order on court premises during his court proceedings.

The petition further sought “no adverse action and no arrest” until he is provided proper security for court attendance and appearances.

Petitioner was witnessed appearing before the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC), banking court, judicial complex and Lahore High Court (LHC). Prior to the assassination attempt on his life petitioner never hesitated from performing his legal obligations, added the petition.

“The petitioner wishes to fight with politically motivated cases but due to inadequate an improper arrangements petitioner remained unable to attend some hearings physically. Despite a failed assassination attempt that let him critically wounded and despite several demands to provide proper and inadequate security the Respondents deliberately are exposing the petitioner so that he may fall a prey to any attack that may be launched or directed towards him,” read the petition.

He requested the court to direct the concerned quarters to provide him foolproof security and permission to mark attendance into court proceedings through video link to avoid further untoward incident.


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