Ruler leading country to civil war: Sheikh Rashid

The former minister took to twitter and said that the incumbent rulers were afraid of Imran Khan’s popularity and giving lame excuses. Even the British did not ban a rally in 1940.

Agents of present rulers not only placed containers but also sealed all the roads. Despite this, people reached the Minar-e-Pakistan after traveling miles, he added.

Rashid said that Saudi Arabia stopped delivery of oil on deferred payment just after eight months. The UAE is also keeping them at arm’s length. A serious economic crisis is knocking at the door and the rulers are thinking that they will fix everything. They are leading the country to civil war, he continued.

He said that whether the country would be governed under the constitution or by the crooks, the Supreme Court will decide when it will take up petition.

After the IMF, Geneva Donor Conference has stopped assisting the rulers. People are dying attempting to get free flour, Rashid maintained.

Those who are unware of Kashmir’s freedom struggle have banned the Gilgit-Baltistan police from leaving the province. The rulers issued threat alerts to disrupt the Minar-e-Pakistan rally, shut down the internet and arrested supporters.


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